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A Timeless Edwardian style

The Edwardian conservatory style also known as the Georgian conservatory style is by far the most popular conservatory style in the Scunthorpe area, chosen for family homes as it is mainly a rectangular or square design utilising the maximum area of floor space. The flat front elevation combined with a high slanted roof to give a vaulted appearance, this creates an additional space that is cascaded with natural light.

Edwardian conservatories can be installed where height restrictions such as in a bungalow restrict the height at which the Edwardian conservatory can join the bungalow, in this case a double hipped Edwardian roof can be the solution to this problem. This type of roof design is constructed with an additional hip sloping down to the back and can be joined to the bungalow using an aluminium box gutter at a mean height of about  6 foot or 2.1 meters. Call Richard on Scunthorpe 01724 270500 for a free quotation or visit our showroom on Wentworth road Scunthorpe.

Our range of conservatories includes Lean-to, Edwardian, Victorian, orangeries, gable, p shaped and t shaped conservatories.


edwardian scematic

Edwardian conservatory

edwardian with dwarf wall

Edwardian conservatories

edwardian in white

white edwardian

edwardian with gable end

Edwardian with gable

edwardian with air con

Edwardian style

edwardian in light oak

Light oak edwardian

edwardian with brick pillars

Edwardian with pillars

edwardian in cream colour

Edwardian in cream